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Providence RI, The Gluten Free Oasis

February 17, 2010

Recently, I have been talking to friends and my Celiac comrades about the wonders of Providence, RI. Sadly, their many gluten free restaurants have eluded many celiac searches. Having gone to RISD, I am only too happy to return to Providence any chance that I get. I realize that to most people in Boston, driving to providence for dinner sounds like a ridiculous trek, but really it’s only an hour and a half. One hour if you truly drive like a Bostonian! Make a night of it. The city is fun, amazing art, indie movie theaters, fabulous architecture and seriously, much better prices than Boston.

So to all you Celiac’s out there check out the following restaurants. You won’t be sorry.

Kabob and Curry:
Totally Fabulous Indian Food

Twist On Angell:
When I die, don’t send me to heaven, just give me a table for eternity here. One year later and I am still telling everyone I know about their calamari and study in chocolate dessert.

I can’t vouch for the rest of these but here is a list of more GF friendly restaurants:

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