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Must-go Burrito

February 20, 2010

Growing up I used to watch my grandmother, Nanny Ruth, throw random leftovers into a pan to create a meal. Growing up in the depression, she learned to never thrown any food away. “Has it grown a beard” she would say? Translation, has mold appeared? Even then she would often scrape it off and use the food. It wasn’t uncommon to bite into kugel to find a hunk of pineapple or mango (two foods I know are not native to Russian Jewish cuisine). I vowed I would never do this in my own kitchen.

When I joined the Graveline family, I was introduced to “must-go soup”, my father-in-law, Nell’s solution to left overs and vegetables that shouldn’t be wasted. Rarely do I find mango where it shouldn’t belong in Nell’s cooking!

As Celiac’s our food is expensive and should not be wasted. I may have cringed at my grandmother’s recycling of food but she was right (don’t tell her though)! I have expanded Nell’s “must-go soup” to new concoctions.

So its the weekend, the fridge is so empty you can hear an echo, and with the economy, you are trying to stretch every dollar. The answer is “must-go burrito”. There is no one way to make these, just grab whats in the fridge and make it good.

Tortillas (always good to have on hand either brown rice or corn)
Greens (lettuce, or wilted kale, beet or mustard greens)
Something Red (salsa, red hot, saracha, tomatoes)
Protein (beans, cheese, left over meat, scrambled eggs)


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