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The Wonders of Market Basket

March 10, 2010

On a recent trip to the Ashland, Market Basket, I was amazed to find a huge array of gluten free products. Being gluten free isn’t just hard when you try to eat at a restaurant its also hard when you are grocery shopping. I commend the many supermarkets who stock GF items but as we all know these can be very pricey and are often limited. I have found effective ways to save money like ordering bread in bulk from Deland Bakery and using but lets face by the 12th package of Tinkyada Pasta I want something new. You shouldn’t need a bank loan to check out at the grocery store just because you can’t digest gluten.

Market Basket is the answer to Celiac’ prayers. They have GF pasta, snacks, cookies, and bake mixes for a better price than most of their competitors. They even have a pretty decent selection of organic produce, dairy and meats. Most of all, I love that I don’t have to go to multiple stores to get my grocery shopping done. I love the selection at whole foods, but spending $200 a week to feed 2 people just isn’t going to happen. I realize that not everyone who reads these entries is in Massachusetts and can’t get to Market Basket but if these guys can buy into the GF offerings, so too can your small chain grocers. Find a local store near you and get some face time with the manager or see if there are any co-ops in your area. Co-Ops are amazing, member owned organizations that try to support local and listen to what their members want. Exercise your options.

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