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Cascade Coffee House

August 2, 2010

115 Main Street, North Woodstock, NH

While en route to the Franconia ridge in a desperate search for caffeine, Mark and I stumbled into the Cascade Coffee House, hoping for a halfway decent cup of coffee and a restroom. To our surprise, the sign on the wall touted their gluten free bread options for sandwiches. Excitedly I said to the waitress, “wow, you have gluten free bread.” “We don’t just have gluten free bread” she replied and proceed to rattle of the dozen or so baked good options they offered. So many options, how could I choose. We decided given the 8 hour hike ahead of us, we could get 2 baked goods, so we ordered a blue berry muffin and a whoopie pie.

At the end of our 8 hour hike, we emerged from the woods to claim our reward. The blue berry muffin was delicious. Some muffins are over berried and some you barely get any berries. This was the perfect ratio of dough to berry with no overly sugary top to make your teeth hurt. The whoopie pie wasn’t my favorite but that wasn’t the whoopie pie’s fault, it just wasn’t really my thing. Having never eaten a whoopie pie I didn’t really know what to expect. The frosting was a little to sweet for my liking but Mark enjoyed this baked delight.

All in all, we give this coffee house 4 paws up! Friendly service, gluten aware, very clean, awesome food, and now another great reason to hike in New Hampshire.

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