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Tomatoes Stuffed with Hawaiian Chicken Salad

December 22, 2010

I have been feeling like I’m stuck in a bit of a food rut. This happens every winter around now. Summer salads are replaced by warm pot roasts, mashed potatoes, lasagnas and other warm heavy dishes that keep the winter chill away. But seeing as I live in Boston, that winter chill only just arrived so there hasn’t been too much of a chill to keep away. Nonetheless, I got stuck in the rut and this week with the semester complete, I decided to break out and try something fun.

One of my guilty pleasures is reading Shape Magazine. Even in the midst of grad school, work and everything else, I try to carve out one hour a month to read the magazine cover to cover. I am especially happy if that hour can be spent at Pete’s coffee in Wellesley, MA sipping a coffee and reading the magazine. If you judge the magazine by its cover, you probably don’t think highly of it but flip through and you will understand why I am a devoted reader. Page after page of great exercise techniques, fabulous, healthy and delicious recipes (that are easy to make gf) and inspirational stories about ways to get more exercise in your life. Let’s face it most of us can benefit from all of these.

So this post is not about why I love Shape Magazine but why I love their recipes, specifically¬† their “Tomatoes Stuffed with Hawaiian Chicken Salad”. This recipe is fabulous and completely gluten-free. The only change that I recommend is to use canned pineapple chunks as they don’t specify fresh vs. canned. If you are like me and you require a starch with your meal, artfully sprinkle tortilla chips around the plate or gluten free crackers. This meal will brighten up any winter night or weekend lunch party and it only takes 40 min to make.

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