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Friday Finds: Utz Baked Tortilla Chips

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and before the stores close, this Friday Find is here to tell you about a fabulous new tortilla chip I think you will love – Utz Baked Tortilla. I am not usually concerned with low fat options, lets face it, I’m a celiac so there is little junk food for me to consume! I love tortilla chips. They are easy to find when I am traveling and go with everything from soups to salads when I am in need of  starch but can’t find gf bread. That said, I find most tortilla chips to be greasy and very salty, so there are only so many that I enjoy eating. I was hesitant to try these Utz baked tortillas because I’m usually not a fan of Utz products. I find most of their chips to be overly salty and dissolve on contact with your tongue. This is not the case with Utz Baked Tortillas. These chips are delicious. Unlike most baked tortillas that taste like stale cardboard, Utz Tortillas have a pleasant baked white corn flavor with a subtle salty flavor. They have 70%  Less fat than regular restaurant style tortilla chips, 0 g Trans fat and no preservatives. So if you still need to grab some chips for tonight’s party, consider picking up some Utz Baked Tortillas and enjoy this guiltless treat.

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