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Kinnikinnick Chocolate Chip Muffins Sundae

February 16, 2011

I feel like a proud parent. Today, Gluten Free Table is 1 year old! It has been a really fun year cooking, posting, eating, and getting to know some of you through comments, emails and a few product trials. It has also been a year of learning so much more about gluten-free living.

I started Gluten Free Table because I wanted to help those who were new to the gluten-free diet and to share recipe successes and new products with the gluten-free community. Looking back at this year, I see that Gluten Free Table has also helped educate me about the gluten-free diet as well. I have added new products like millet flour to my repertoire and have broken us out of our snack rut from the same pretzels day after day to new favorites like Grassroots Granookies.

So in honor of Gluten Free Table’s 1st birthday, we are turning muffins into sundaes! Using Kinnikinnick Chocolate Chip Muffins, turn a simple muffin into an but absolutely fabulous dessert. You can find Kinnikinnich Chocolate Chip Muffins in the freezer section of most whole foods markets. Gently microwave to thaw and warm the muffin. Scoop as much ice cream or frozen yogurt as you like. Drizzle your favorite chocolate syrup on top. While this definitely makes the muffin into a dessert item, I won’t tell if you choose to have it for breakfast!

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