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Gluten-free Bar Review: Drink, Boston

March 16, 2011

Elderflower Sour

I have gotten used to being the most boring bar go-er ever. Bacardi with seltzer and juice or a glass of wine is my standard. Sound familiar? Well who can blame me? Ordering a drink in a bar when you are gluten-free is really tricky. It’s loud, you have to scream in your order and not a lot of bar tenders understand what gluten-free means. And of course there is that rumor that distillation removes the gluten which I from personal experience can say is just not true.

Last weekend, we met our friends Mike and Linda at Drink, a fabulous bar located at 348 Congress Street in the Fort Point District of Boston’s South End. What a fabulous bar. It is the kind of place where you can sit and enjoy your drink, made of the finest quality ingredients, without having drunk people falling all over you. Also, it is a bar where the bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable about mixology and presentation.

We met our friends in the late afternoon. The place was still pretty quiet so I felt comfortable asking the bar tender some questions. This place is so awesome, you don’t even have to know what you want, you can just tell them the flavors and spirits that you enjoy and they make excellent recommendations. I told her that I was gluten-free and that I loved citrus. They have two different gluten-free Vodka’s on hand, one of which is my favorite, Rain Organics Vodka.

Moments later, appeared a gluten-free Elderflower Sour. Amazing. This drink is like summertime in a glass. The flavors are like citrus, seltzer and lychee. Absolutely fabulous and refreshing. Please note that not all Elderflower Sour’s are gluten-free so don’t run out to a bar and order one unless you plan on having a chat with the bar tender. But fortunately if you live in Boston, you can stop over to drink, where the bar tenders and waitstaff are more than happy to help you with all your gluten-free drinking desires.

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