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Friday Finds: Tanka Bar

March 18, 2011

Tanka Bar

Do you love beef jerky but hate all the nitrates, MSG, hormones and other fun fillers? Then check out Tanka Bars, a delicious jerky like bar made of cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo. They are delicious. I received a package of these fabulous bars from my sister-in-law, Angela. They have a smoky, jerky like flavor that is hinted with a slight sweetness. They are moist and easy to chew, unlike most store bought jerky, that leaves your jaw aching. They are great for a hike, or as an added protein for your lunch.

Here’s what Tanka Bar’s website has to say about their product:

100% Natural and only 70-calories, Tanka Bars are the perfect food for anyone who’s on the go — outdoor enthusiasts, students, busy moms, athletes, and pow-wow dancers. Gluten-free, hormone-free and low-fat, the Tanka Bars are deliciously perfect for every diet lifestyle. Tanka Bars are guaranteed shelf-stable for up to 12 months.

You can keep it Traditional or spice it up with our new Tanka Bar SPICY PEPPER BLEND, featuring an awesome four-pepper blend with just the right kick from habanero, jalapeno, and red and black pepper!

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