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Friday Finds: Gilbert’s Goodies

March 25, 2011

Gilbert's Goodies Sensational Sugar Cookies

Sensational Gluten-free Bite Sized Sugar Cookies

Today’s Friday Find is brought to you in thanks to Ace (my mom). Ace is the greatest person to go with, to a protest, political rally or any outdoor concert. Like any great activist mom, she always brings her bag of possibles, a term coined from my outdoor ed teacher, which is a bag filled with everything you need to respond to possible situations. In the camping world, this would of course be a rain coat, map, compass, first aid kit, etc.

This past Saturday, Mark, Ace and I met in Boston to attend an outdoor political rally. Ace arrived with her gluten-free bag of possibles – apples, gluten-free snack bars, water, hats, iPhone, mittens, and Gilberts Gourmet Goodies, Sensational Sugar Cookie Bite Size Cookies. They looked like hardened play-doh so I wasn’t very hopeful but I was really hungry so I tried one. They are delicious, light, soft and moist. Perfect for a quick bite or savor them dipped in cocoa. Because they are moist, they are also perfect ground up as a cookie crust. Interested in trying some? Here is where you can buy Gilbert’s Goodies. They have a variety of gluten-free and allergy friendly products available.

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