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I love to cook. For me, there is nothing better then waking up on a Saturday morning, turning on a great playlist of music and spending the day creating edible art. Reading cookbooks like they are novels and traveling to obscure markets to pick up random cheeses and peppers, is a favorite pass time. Cooking gluten free poses challenges, but I am determined to show that you can live a gluten free life in style!

I began my gluten free journey in 2002 after years of unexplained illness. By chance, my roommates boyfriend was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and since we had all the same symptoms, it seem liked maybe I should try the diet as well. This blog is for anyone who has lived for years feeling sick but not knowing why, for Celiac’s looking for new and easier ways to live gluten free, for friends and family members of gluten free loved ones and for anyone else looking to tap into the gluten free lifestyle. I was 21 (2002) when I finally figured out why I never felt right and even though I thought I might be Celiac, it wasn’t until 2009 that I finally found a doctor who would listen. As you read this blog, please ask questions and share your own experience in the comments. I live in Massachusetts, therefore most of the restaurant recommendations are New England specific but the recipes and web resources will hopefully be helpful to anyone eating gluten free.

In the beginning, it would take me hours to grocery shop, reading every label and carting around the giant blue binder from the celiac/ sprue association. Over the years it has gotten easier to shop and eat-out as more companies offer gluten free products and restaurants accommodate gluten free diets. I am so lucky to have a partner, friends and family who understand and support my dietary restrictions. If you gain anything from this blog,  I hope to show you that Living gluten free doesn’t have to keep you from having fun!


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